Meet True Fitness

True Fitness believes in challenging the human status quo.

Through the motivation of our community, the freedom to achieve your personal goals is limitless. With training as personal as individual—and giving you the freedom of various amenities—we embody all facets to create the perfect fitness machine.

We are True Fitness.

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True Fitness is a 15,000 square feet includes a full list of amenities including dry saunas, towel service, child care and much more.



Type 1 diabetes is often misunderstood and can have very dangerous consequences. We hope to educate the public about the signs of an impending diabetes diagnosis.

We look to fix the misconceptions people use to label the diabetic community. Most importantly, we want to help families struggling with this diagnosis and provide funding to research organizations that are focused on finding a cure. We are 100% non-profit. All donation proceeds go help the cause.

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The True Fitness Team

Jeremy K.


I coach to help people become the best possible versions of themselves.

Chris C.


It’s amazing when you help an athlete achieve an obstacle they believed they were incapable of, those are the times where coaching is most rewarding.

Clayton J.

Barbell | Crossfit

When a client tells you how their current fitness level makes it easier to pick up their kids/grandkids, or they made the college football team as a walk on, or even it being easier to shovel snow – those are the types of stories that remind me how important a Coach’s role is in the life of their athletes.

Jason K.

Crossfit | TrueKids

Jason has been a coach for the Cherry Hill East Wrestling team, Cherry Hill Atlantic Baseball team, and assisted special needs athletes in the area in Special Olympics. Jason’s experiences with competition, coaching, CrossFit knowledge, and good nature make him a superb fit as a coach for our CrossFit DT1 Kid’s program.

Jess S.

Barbell | Crossfit

My favorite coaching moment is when people finally “get it,” and you see the light bulb go off in their head and then they execute it; whether it be a technical component of the snatch, the kipping swing, or double unders, I love that feeling of understanding and joy-a person’s face says it all!

Jim D.


I CrossFit because it’s the most efficient, effective, and fun fitness regimen I’ve ever tried. I coach because I love helping other people improve their fitness and seeing the profound impact it can have, not just on their physical appearance, but their confidence and self-image as well.

Lee K.


I believe in human potential and want to help people develop into their best selves.

Jeff K.

Barbell | Crossfit

You only get one body. Treat it well, and you’ll go far.

Matt C.

CrossFit | Torch

Exercise saved my life and I’d like to pay it forward.

Eddie M.

CrossFit | Torch

I enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals and watch as they make positive improvements throughout the process.