It’s Never Too Late!

Meet Donna Wasik who began working out only two years ago. Donna told us she is 67.75 years old but after…

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Torch is Evolving!

Effective September 3rd  this modality is changing its structure to provide an even better opportunity…

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Turning bad habits into good ones

Skipping the gym – fast food for dinner- going to bed late – waking up late Everyone can relate to these…

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Organic or Conventional Produce?

We all know buying organic can be expensive. There are certain fruits and veggies which one should certainly…

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Keeping your kids fit

Video games, fast food, tablets, and cell phones have now become too important to children.  It can…

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Breaking Down the CrossFit Language

CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, executed at High Intensity.   But what does that…

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The Strength Within Ourself

Strength can be exemplified in numerous ways. Strength also shouldn’t be thought of as solely physical…

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Putting yourself first

In the hustle and bustle of life, it can seem difficult to set time aside for yourself.  It’s easy…

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How to keep your fitness on vacation!

It’s that time of year where everyone travels more and during that time the pounds creep on.  Here…

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How to set and achieve your fitness goals!

Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve muscle tone and strength, or just want to look and feel…

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