10 Reasons Yoga is Good for Everyone

Have you been intimidated to jump into a yoga class due to lack of experience, flexibility, or skill? You need not be afraid. Any one of our instructors will tell you that your level of ability is better than enough. You are good enough as you are right now; the first step to being “good” at Yoga is to SHOW UP!

Yoga is an amazing way to find balance both physically AND spiritually. Every practice is different based on the type of class, instructor, and what you may need that day.   At True Fitness, our classes are led by the best professionals from Anjali Power Yoga. Here are 10 ways yoga will help you feel like a better version of you.

1- Your practice is customizable.

Flow through the vinyasa, stay in one pose, lay on the floor for the whole hour. No judgements! Take what you need.

2- You will sweat.   

Sweating is good for you! Make sure to drink some water beforehand and come ready to sweat out those toxins. Our classes are heated and will leave you feeling refreshed.

3- You can practice breathing.

Practice breathing? Huh? Something that we do LITERALLY all day long might feel like something we don’t need to practice. There are actually many benefits to focusing on your breath that help move you through your flow. In fact, breathing translates to every part of fitness and life. Controlled breathing in times of intense exercise and stress can be incredibly helpful.

4- Your body needs this.

Exercising regularly and putting your body under daily stress inevitably makes your body tight. Hips, joints, even facial muscles. Yoga is the ultimate form of mobilization. It is your chance to stretch, elongate your body, and get limber for your training.

5- Your mind needs this.

Meetings, appointments, training sessions, dates, family activities, plans with friends, work, hobbies, pets, the list goes on. Any of this sound familiar?  Our minds are busy and they need a rest. Take the hour to think about nothing. It may take practice, but clearing your mind completely for an hour is the kind of break everyone can benefit from.

6- You’ll sleep better.

Yoga is proven to help reduce stress and ease pain or discomfort. This alone will help you relax and set you on your way to getting a good night’s rest. We even offer restorative yoga Tuesdays at 6:30pm!

7- You’ll strengthen your core.

Holding a yoga pose is no joke. You’ll need to squeeze and stabilize your core to maintain your grounding. Our instructors will remind you of this often, pushing you to engage your core to make your positions stronger.

8- Your balance will improve.

Many yoga poses put you in positions you don’t normally find yourself in. Maintaining balance in these unfamiliar shapes will help you find better coordination in daily life and sport.

9- It’s an awesome workout.

Did we forget to mention yoga is more than stretching? When you take your first Power Yoga class, you might be surprised to find out how much you feel the burn. Embrace the challenge!

10 -You’ll leave feeling cleansed and recharged.                                               

Sweating. Stretching. Burning. Meditating. Breathing. Moving. Flowing. All of these things mix to make our yoga classes a fulfilling experience. Depending on your instructor, there could even be essential oils involved and it’s almost guaranteed your instructor will provide some kind words of encouragement. Get in here and treat yourself to some zen. You’ve got nothing to lose and SO much to gain! See you on the mat.