Breaking Down the CrossFit Language

CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, executed at High Intensity.  

But what does that mean?

CrossFit is highly inclusive and was built for the masses.  All workouts and movements are infinitely scaleable to fit the experience/abilities/goals of individual athletes. That’s right, inclusive, meaning that you and your grandmother could do the same workout together! Your professional Coaches will scale the intensity of the workout appropriately not by KIND, but degree.  No athlete at True Fitness is the same, for CrossFit allows for anyone and everyone to be challenged both physically and mentally.

Popular CrossFit Terms:

WOD – Workout of the Day

AMRAP – as many rounds/reps as possible

EMOM – every minute on the minute

Rx – Prescribed movement or weight for a workout.  Keep in mind that all workouts and weights are completely dependent on each person, but the Rx prescription gives us a goal to strive for.   

Our Coaches at True Fitness encourage anyone and everyone to give it a shot. You are 100% taken through a Warm-up, movement demos, workout and cool-down. If you’ve been thinking about trying it out for the first time, don’t let the language of CrossFit stop you!