How to keep your fitness on vacation!

It’s that time of year where everyone travels more and during that time the pounds creep on.  Here are some effective ways to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!


  • Be Realistic – You will indulge more than usual and perhaps not workout as often; however, try to maintain 50% of your activity and set a limit to the number of times you over indulge with meals or drinks.
  • Plan-ahead before travel: Find local gyms of interest near where you will be staying and get class schedules as well.  If you are a runner, find places of interest to run and explore.
  • Walk or ride a bike  whenever you can while going to places of interest.
  • If you are residing on a higher floor in a resort, choose to take the stairs (yes even the fire escape) instead of the elevator.
  • If your accommodations have a kitchen, purchase healthy foods to cook when you can instead of eating every meal out. When eating out, find healthier options and know the ingredients.
  • Drink Plenty of water; this you should do every day anyway! Limit alcohol consumption and choose lower caloric drinks without added sugar.
  • Find fun activities such as hiking, swimming, water sports, etc. to keep you moving!
  • Last but not least… Check out the True Fitness SugarWod app (if you are a member) to see what workouts are planned for the day. Find a way to do the workouts if you can!  Knowing that your friends back home are pushing themselves should motivate you to do the same.

These tips can become routine and easy and surely gratifying upon arriving home from vacation without “weight gain woes”!