Keeping your kids fit

Video games, fast food, tablets, and cell phones have now become too important to children.  It can be difficult to steer kids in the direction of exercise and healthy eating. Obesity has been steadily increasing in adults, children, and adolescents.  With the ever growing advancement in technology, kids are way more idle than in the past. Now that parent seem to find little time to prepare fresh foods it has become easy to buy fast food or unhealthy prepared meals instead. This cycle of bad habits and choices increases the chances of children to grow up with weight issues, poor eating habits, and sedentary lifestyles.  This in turn causes so many to develop health issues related to lifestyle choices. There are many ways to incorporate health into a child’s life that will promote a better well-being.  

 Join a sport- If a child has a team to depend on as well as one that depends on them, a child is more likely to dedicate themselves to practicing that sport.  This helps develop self-esteem and team-work.

 Set a goal- Goals are always important for people of all ages.  This gives a child something to work toward, and something to take pride in when it is accomplished.  Gives a child direction, focus, and purpose.

 Demonstrate ways healthy eating can taste great – Limit or omit junk food in your house and encourage healthy eating habits.  The more you eat healthy, the more likely your child will follow in your footsteps. 

 Get outdoors- Sports can be a great way for a child to get some exercise, but even just playing outside everyday can have a major impact on a child’s health.  Encourage them to put down their tablets and enjoy a walk, ride a bike, or play a game of tag with their friends.  

 Make junk food a special occasion – Out of sight, out of mind.  If there is no junk food around the house, it will not be easy to grab for.  Keep quick healthy snack options readily available such as peeled carrots, fresh fruit, or nuts.

Join a gym with a kid’s program – Make exercise a family affair.   Go to a gym like True Fitness that offers great fitness options for parents and kids.  True Fitness offers a kids and teen workout program where they can meet friends and encourage one another in a small group workout setting led by a coach.