Putting yourself first

In the hustle and bustle of life, it can seem difficult to set time aside for yourself.  It’s easy to find excuses or let other obligations get in the way of activities that will benefit you most like working out and eating healthy.  Making time for yourself to include exercise and wellness into your everyday life can serve to benefit your overall well-being.

Why is exercise so important?

Many people understand the physical benefits of exercise, but working out also has a huge impact on your mental and emotional well-being.  Exercise can help to alleviate stress, clear the mind, and build confidence.

Not enough time in the day to put yourself first?

It can be tricky to manage your time each day to include an hour or two for yourself.  Despite all the daily stresses, an hour of time to yourself will help you tackle those same tasks in a more manageable way.  With 24 hours in a day, setting aside at least one hour for yourself will clear your mind and help you manage stress and time.

How can I spend my “me” time at True Fitness?

  • Set a goal and stick to it- setting a goal for yourself will help motivate you to find more time to visit the gym to work on achieving that goal.
  • Utilize a variety of classes- There is a wide range of classes offered at True Fitness to enable you to continue to challenge yourself without exhausting one type of workout.
  • Make friends- Not only is exercise important when putting yourself first, but socializing as well.  You will make new friends at the gym that will keep you coming back and add more purpose to your workouts.  
  • There are many ways to be in tune with your overall wellness at True Fitness, this includes  talking with coaches about fitness and nutrition goals as well as taking advantage of the Fit3D body scan.
  • Have fun- The most important thing when putting yourself first is making sure you enjoy how you spend your time.  When you can find a workout that you enjoy with people you enjoy, exercise no longer seems like a chore.