Staying Active as the weather changes

As Summer heads out for the year and Fall moves in, your motivation and work schedule can affect your workout schedule. Suddenly the mornings are cooler, the days seem shorter, and many may find themselves getting stuck at work and unable to fit in a workout. So how can you continue to achieve those goals that you’ve been working toward for months?

Enjoy a Workout Outside

Go for a run, walk, or bike ride to enjoy the changing leaves and cooler weather.  There are so many parks and trails available nearby for fall activities.

Nutrition is Key

Although pumpkin spice is all the rage during the Fall season, try to fill your body with nutritious foods without a lot of sugar.  Loading up on fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates will leave you with energy throughout the day. Remember that food is fuel.   Eating properly helps to reduce fatigue so that you’re not too tired to work out before or after work.

Sleep Like a Baby

The more consistent your sleep patterns are, the more energized you’ll be when you are awake. We all forget how important it is to go to bed without any distractions.  This translates to turning off the TV and setting the phone down (or off) so that your body can truly rest.

Do a Workout at True Fitness

No matter the time of year, True Fitness is always open.  There are various types of group classes offered all day, every day!  If motivation is your biggest concern with maintaining exercise during the change of season, True Fitness can help alleviate that.  When you have a place to go to meet new friends and adhere to a schedule, you’ll be more motivated to get a workout in. The vibe, energy, and support offered by the athletes and coaches at True Fitness is truly inspiring and fun.