The importance of yoga, active stretching, or flexibility exercises

A current article in a local paper highlights a nearby wrestling team practicing hot yoga at True Fitness. Click here to read how important yoga has been in helping these kids on the wrestling mat and in life.

Here are our reasons we believe everyone should stretch or do yoga on a regular basis:

  •         Decreases your risk of injuries
  •         Helps your joints move through their full range of motion
  •         Enables your muscles to work most effectively
  •         Increases your flexibility
  •         Increases your range of motion
  •         Improves your performance in physical activities
  •         Increases blood flow to your muscles
  •         Improves your posture
  •         Helps to heal and prevent back pain
  •         Help calm your mind, relieve stress, improves the breathe
  •         Helps you sleep better

True Fitness offers various types of yoga and mobility classes.  Some of our classes target certain areas each week. Be sure to check out our schedule and programming on-line or on one of our Apps.  Can’t make it to a class? No problem, RomWOD (Range of motion workout of the day) workouts are available any time on a screen in the yoga room when there isn’t class. Grab a buddy and get your flexy on!