Torch is Evolving!

Effective September 3rd  this modality is changing its structure to provide an even better opportunity to see and feel results.  Whether you come every day or a few days a week, you will be certain to improve your strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity.

TORCH DAYS – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Designed to take your cardio-respiratory fitness to the next level! You will be pushed to the limit while increasing your aerobic threshold with Fun, Motivating, & Effective workouts arranged in a way to leave you burning fat for the rest of the day!  These workouts will include cardio, body-building and core exercises structed each day as follows:

  • Full Body Conditioning
  • Short Interval Training
  • Long Interval/Functional Conditioning

BUILD DAYS – Tuesday & Thursday

Classes will be comprised of skillfully arranged functional strength movement patterns (Squatting, Hip-hinging, Pushing & Pulling) All of which are necessary for everyday life! Our experienced coaches will tailor each exercise to keep everyone challenged yet safe.  The format is as follows:

  • Hinge/Upper Pull
  • Knee Flex/ upper push


Torch Prime will be the only option held on Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm.  This 60–90 minute functional bodybuilding class is for the more advanced and contains higher reps, more complexity, and increased difficulty.


Our Expanded weekend schedule contains a variety of Torch and Build day components.

Be sure to check out this amazing program offered at True Fitness if you have not done so already!