Turning bad habits into good ones

Skipping the gym – fast food for dinner- going to bed late – waking up late

Everyone can relate to these choices that occur in their lives.  The problem with these choices lies within the frequency in which they happen.  They can eventually form bad habits that are difficult to break. Bad habits do not have to be permanent.  Set a commitment to make different choices and create healthy habits.

Here are some tips:

Set Goals: Try jotting your goal(s) down on a piece of paper to keep record.  Also, tell them to someone else you know will try to hold you accountable.  

Quit cold turkey: At least at the start of your habit-breaking journey, try quitting your habit completely.  That means no loopholes and no cheats. If you mess up, start over and keep track and do not dwell on the past.

Understand the time commitment: Breaking a habit can take time.  Forming a new habit can take up to 30 days.  By understanding this from the beginning, you may be less likely to give up on your goals.   

Habits are important in all aspects of life.  Forming healthy habits will have a major impact on your life, whether it be physically or mentally.  They can help contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle pertaining to fitness, diet, and general general life habits.  

Some tips for forming healthy fitness habits include: 

  • Use  the 3D FitScan offered to all members at True Fitness to help form and set your goals by seeing an in-depth report of your body statistics (height, weight, body fat %).  Create a plan (goal) around the results of this scan.
  • Have a set number of days that you want to come to the gym each week.  This will eliminate an excessive amount of off days just because you “aren’t feeling it”. 
  • Work toward a certain movement or time in a particular workout.  Maybe you want to perfect a push-up, accomplish one pull-up, or run a faster mile.  
  • Stretch after each workout.  This will help to keep your body healthy to allow you to keep working out. 

Some tips for forming healthy diet habits include:

  • Meal prep to avoid having to stop for food on-the-go.  Make one day of the week (ex: Sunday) a meal prep day so that the only thing left to do is pack it and eat it when the time comes. 
  • Travel around the perimeter of the grocery store so that it is easier to avoid junk food.  Most of the more nutritious foods that aid a healthier diet are located on the outside aisles, so there is little need to travel in the inner aisles and be coaxed by potato chips, cookies, or long shelf life ( processed) foods.
  • Meet with a coach at True Fitness to discuss current diet situations and goals for nutrition. 

Other General Life Habits may include:

  • Write a journal each day.  Writing down your thoughts and behavior patterns helps to keep track of repetitive negative behaviors. It evokes mindfulness and helps achieve goals.
  • Drink lots of water and limit alcohol consumption
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables 
  • Get daily sunshine, meditate, and find ways to reduce stress 
  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep