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Unlimited Fitness

$159 / Month

Limited Time Offer: $79.50 First Month

Regular: $159 / Month


Access to all modalities at True Fitness including: CrossFit, Anjali Power Yoga, Torch, Barbell Society, Cyclone indoor cycling, Run club, True Kids, Hot Barre Classes, and additional fitness events.

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Unlimited Yoga & Cycle

$89/ Month

Regular: $89/ Month


This monthly membership includes unlimited access to our full schedule of Anjali Power Yoga, Cyclone indoor cycling classes, and Hot Barre Classes.

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Family Plan

Starting at $159*

*Based on No. of Family members

This monthly membership provides access to all modalities at True Fitness.


1st family member = $159    |    2nd member = $100 add-on ($259)

3rd member = $50 add-on ($309)    |    4th member = $50 add-on ($359)

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Alternative Pricing


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Drop-in Guest Fee: $20

True Kids Fitness Membership: $100 for non-members /$75 for members

Class Packs for kids available as well


Military / First Responder Discounts:

Available when you Contact True Fitness


10 Pack of Classes:

May be used for CrossFit, Anjali Power Yoga, Torch, Barbell Society, Cyclone Cycling,  Hot Barre, and other classes.

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