CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, executed at High Intensity.  We are a community of like-minded individuals working toward the common goal of health, wellness and fitness. In 2014, we started Crossfit DT1 as a platform to raise funds with the mandate that a percentage of gross revenue would be given to directly to DT1 Charities. Most importantly, we want to help families struggling with this diagnosis and provide funding to research organizations that are focused on finding a cure.

Through education and professional guidance, we present the opportunity for anyone to reach their goals no matter their background, fitness level or competitive aspirations. Our 60 Minutes classes are broad, general, and inclusive, preparing you for the challenges of everyday life and/or competition.


Elements is our way of introducing you to the CrossFit Methodology. During your 4 sessions, you’ll have a professional Coach by your side to guide you through the beginning of your journey. The first 3 sessions will be 1-on-1 with your Coach so we can properly introduce the movements you’ll see in classes. For your final session, you’ll participate in a regularly scheduled class with your Coach being your shadow. This will allow you to get a feel for the flow of class during the 60 minutes from Warm-up, Workout and Cool down. Once completed, our full CrossFit schedule is available to you.

WHAT YOU GET   ($160)

  • 1 Month at True Fitness with access to all amenities  (Torch / Cyclone / Yoga)
  • 4 Sessions w/ your own Coach (3 personal + 1 shadow in class)

Elements 1: Squatting

We all squat in some capacity every day. We will take you through the proper motor patterns to have you doing this safely and efficiently. Other movements we will cover will be a Thruster, Box Jump, Wallball and more!


Elements 2: Pushing

Pressing a load from your shoulders to over your head is a basic movement human beings need to be able to do. On this Elements day, we will cover how to do just that! With movements like the Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Thruster and more!


Elements 3: Pulling

Today we will be learning two of the most powerful movements the human body can create: the Clean and the Snatch. These are multi-joint lifts that teach us to be more formidable creatures.


To schedule or inquire about Elements please click Here to send us an email.


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1/2 off First Month – Unlimited Membership


Purchasing elements sessions does not enroll you in membership, but gives you one month of free classes along with elements.  Upon completion of that month this 1/2 off promotion may be applied when joining.




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Jason K.

Crossfit | TrueKids

Jason has been a coach for the Cherry Hill East Wrestling team, Cherry Hill Atlantic Baseball team, and assisted special needs athletes in the area in Special Olympics. Jason’s experiences with competition, coaching, CrossFit knowledge, and good nature make him a superb fit as a coach for our CrossFit DT1 Kid’s program.

Chris C.


CF Level 1-
It’s amazing when you help an athlete achieve an obstacle they believed they were incapable of, those are the times where coaching is most rewarding. Hope to see ya in my class!

Clayton J.

Barbell | Crossfit

Certifications: CF L-3;
As a coach, my daily goal is to instill habits and values to improve the human condition. I believe that CrossFit gyms are the vehicles to change the world. When backed by a team of people one can realize their greatest potential. I believe my purpose is to help support my athletes reach goals they never thought possible, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.

Jim D.


I CrossFit because it’s the most efficient, effective, and fun fitness regimen I’ve ever tried. I coach because I love helping other people improve their fitness and seeing the profound impact it can have, not just on their physical appearance, but their confidence and self-image as well.

Jeff K.

Barbell | Crossfit

Certifications: CF-L2, USAW - L1, I learned at a young age that taking your health for granted can create lifelong problems. My terrible diet led to poor energy and unhappiness. I've learned to build a healthy foundation and make better choices. The more fit I am, the happier and I feel and can be a better husband, father, and coach. Investing in oneself physically and mentally is very important. I am happy to be able to be a part of the process by coaching. You only get one body, treat it well and you will go far.

Lee K.


I believe in human potential and want to help people develop into their best selves.