During this 60 minute class, kids learn to jump, throw, push, pull and play to get them prepared for sport and life.

True Kids

We begin to teach scaled variations of the adult movements such as the deadlift, press and squat – while still incorporating games to learn that fitness is fun!

True Teens

A bit more intensity will be introduced into these workouts while still having our focus on proper movement. Our training regimen is designed to prepare your teen for the rigors of life and sport alike. These classes will last 60 minutes and will always be fun and challenging.

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Jason K.

Crossfit | TrueKids

Jason has been a coach for the Cherry Hill East Wrestling team, Cherry Hill Atlantic Baseball team, and assisted special needs athletes in the area in Special Olympics. Jason’s experiences with competition, coaching, CrossFit knowledge, and good nature make him a superb fit as a coach for our CrossFit DT1 Kid’s program.

Jeremy K.


Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

I am passionate about coaching because I realize how important it is to have someone constantly challenging you and pushing you to be your best. I get satisfaction from seeing our athletes improve and discovering they are capable of more!

Something unique about me: I'm the coach with the babyface, however I have the most gray hair.

Tina P.

Run Club / Kids Coach

CF-L1, CF Kids. I'm an 8th grade teacher and love to motivate and encourage people to be their best each day! Being an avid runner for years, I enjoy helping members who believe they "can't run" exceed their expectations. My favorite challenge is making creative run workouts that focus on form and breathing helping members become well-rounded for other modalities offered at True Fitness. As for coaching kids, I like to empower them and build confidence, strength and a foundation of fitness while having fun.

Olivia B.

Kids Coach