Look and feel your best with this Functional Fitness Program designed to take your fitness to a new level no matter what your experience.  Through goal setting, proper coaching, and hard work, you are certain to produce the results you’ve been seeking!

Torch training is comprised of two different formats each carefully selected to Build Muscle or Torch fat!

Build Days

Classes will be comprised of expertly arranged functional movement patterns (Squatting, Hip-hinging, Pushing & Pulling) All of are which are necessary for everyday life! Our experienced coaches will tailor each exercise to keep everyone challenged yet safe.

Torch Days

Designed to take your cardio-respiratory fitness to the next level! You will be pushed to the limit while increasing your aerobic threshold with Fun, Motivating, & Effective workouts arranged in a way to leave you burning fat for the rest of the day!

What do you get with Torch Training?
  • Fit 3D Reading
  • Access to “Baseline” Class (Movement assessment, Benchmark Workout, Goal Setting/Coaching)
  • Nutritional information
  • Safe and Effective small group classes, designed to get you in the best shape of your life
  • Family friendly environment with like-minded folks

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Ray N.


Certifications: A.S in health sciences, CrossFit level 1
My passion for coaching and helping others began when I attended Steve's Club national program in 2013. ( A non-profit organization that gives "at risk" youth an opportunity to participate in CrossFit classes.) The camaraderie and ability CrossFit has to bring people from all walks of life together is powerful.

Clayton J.

Barbell | Crossfit

Certifications: CF L-3;
As a coach, my daily goal is to instill habits and values to improve the human condition. I believe that CrossFit gyms are the vehicles to change the world. When backed by a team of people one can realize their greatest potential. I believe my purpose is to help support my athletes reach goals they never thought possible, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.

Jason K.

Crossfit | TrueKids

Jason has been a coach for the Cherry Hill East Wrestling team, Cherry Hill Atlantic Baseball team, and assisted special needs athletes in the area in Special Olympics. Jason’s experiences with competition, coaching, CrossFit knowledge, and good nature make him a superb fit as a coach for our CrossFit DT1 Kid’s program.

Tina P.

Run Club / Kids Coach

CF-L1, CF Kids. I'm an 8th grade teacher and love to motivate and encourage people to be their best each day! Being an avid runner for years, I enjoy helping members who believe they "can't run" exceed their expectations. My favorite challenge is making creative run workouts that focus on form and breathing helping members become well-rounded for other modalities offered at True Fitness. As for coaching kids, I like to empower them and build confidence, strength and a foundation of fitness while having fun.